Sadly, we live in a world in which you've always got to be watching your back. According to the  McKinney Texas Police Department, Texans need to be aware of a crime called "jugging", which you could fall victim to if you're not paying close attention.

The McKinney PD report they've recently responded to four instances of bank jugging, and they want to make sure that Texans know what’s going on so they don’t become a victim of this damaging crime. I wasn’t exactly sure what jugging was, but once I saw the actual definition, it truly did make me a little nervous and a little pissed off.

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Jugging is when a criminal watches you enter a bank, and once you leave, they keep an eye on you to see if you have an envelope that may contain money. The criminal will watch you go to whatever destinations you are headed to, and once you step out of your vehicle and you are out of sight, the criminal will smash your window to get to the envelope.

How scary is that? You could literally leave your car for a moment and come back to a smashed window and no money.




Jugging does not take long. Police say it can take a criminal only a few seconds to smash and grab.

I urge everyone to be mindful of their surroundings, and be extremely careful when carrying cash (or just don't carry it at all). If you're going to be carrying a large amount of cash, keep an eye out for anyone around you who looks suspicious, and assume someone is watching.

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