One Texas city ranks far ahead of the rest for STDs.

Dating is probably one of the most difficult and exhausting tasks an adult ever has to do, until they have children and discover a whole other level of challenging and tired. When you are searching for your life partner in a busy state like Texas, it does not get any easier because besides looking out for red flags, you may also have to keep an eye out for penicillin.

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Did you know that you might also be able to add a higher rate of STDs to the list of reasons why Covid-19 continues to be absolutely the worst thing of the last three years? Dating during Covid-19 was challenging enough, but did it also seem like people were going from stranger to cohabitating and pregnant at an alarming rate?

Why are STDs so high right now?

Besides the information in the video above, another potential reason cited by the CDC for an increase in STDs during the past three months is that the rate of sexual contact did not go down even as people were told to shelter in place. Also, the normal testing facilities used to monitor and treat STDs were so overrun as Covid-19 testing sites, that STDs most likely went severely underreported and undertreated.

What Texas City has the worst rate of STDs?

Be careful dating anyone in San Antonio as you can now add STDs as a reason they might make you want to run to the Hill Country. See where the other Texas cities ranked here.

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