If you’re from Texas, you are very familiar with the Cicada bug because, even though these are big, very scary, and somewhat dangerous, it’s not this particular insect that has Texans in an uproar. The Cicada Killer Wasp is what has Texans scratching their head, by leaving questionable holes in the ground, which are often mistaken as giant hornets. This killer wasp usually emerges in Texas around the summertime, and the insect is one of the largest in the United States.

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European paper wasp
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The Cicada Killer Wasp can find a self reaching up to at least 1.5 inches in length according to, Lizzie Brown, who is a program specialist at Texas A&M acaroid. Even though it’s not necessarily a real danger to Texans, we still want to know why are these big holes happening in our yards according to my San Antonio people are likely seeing these merge holes from the walls coming out of the ground because of the female watch who is cavitating nursery areas for the next year and generations of wasp.


Photo via Youtube
Photo via Youtube

The female wasp finds herself, making the tunnel into the ground, and then having offshoot tunnels. Then once the larva eggs hatch, they will feed on the provider. Cicada, will develop inside of the tunnel the following year, and so on. So Texans, if you find yourself seeing large holes in your backyard, keep in mind that you should not find it to be any threat. It is really just the nursing season for the killer wasp.



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