Although here in Texas, we all love going to the H-E-B grocery store, Walmart has always been in a hard second place. In my opinion, Walmart always had the advantage on H-E-B, because it not only sold groceries, but you could buy flat screens, furniture and so much more. But I think everyone in Texas can agree with me that the number one reason why a lot of people chose Walmart over any other store in Texas would be because Walmart was a 24-hour grocery store.

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Courtesy of Google Map / Canva
Courtesy of Google Maps / Canva

A 24-hour grocery store is so convenient in so many ways, Walmart was a perfect place to go if you want that late-night snack, or maybe you had to pick up medicine for your kids in the middle of the night or if you’re in high school maybe you just want to walk around Walmart, that’s what I did when I was in high school. Also, I come from a small town lol. But either way, Walmart was always a go-to place because of the 24-hour window. When Covid happened in 2020, Walmart switched its hours and was no longer 24 hours. Texans are saying enough is enough and it is time for Walmart to go back to 24 hours.


Walmart To Raise Its Minimum Raise To 11 Dollars An Hour
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Hear me at Walmart, the world itself is opening back up, our children are going back to schools, and not just essential workers are going back into the office, so why not go back to 24 hours? I took to social media to ask what do Texans think about Walmart being open back at 24 hours and everyone agrees that we beg you to open the doors back up. I understand we want everybody to remain safe and cautious but I do feel like Walmart is one of the most essential stores needed in Texas, and 24 hours would be so beneficial again.


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