If, by chance, I get hit in the head by a UFO while bungee jumping of an air balloon floating over Old Faithful, I might have thought about putting a message in a bottle. But really, it's not likely.

There was no bungee jumping being done back in December 2018. That's when George & June Smith finished off a bottle of booze and decided to toss it in the ocean with a note.

For those of you who don't know, it's not considered littering if you put a note in it first before you toss it overboard. Well, that's what they did, and this past weekend it was found on the Bolivar Peninsula by James Howie Hill.

According to Chron, Hill said, "I saw the bottle and it looked like it had something in it. After wiping the dried algae off I saw the note and handwriting. We were all excited."

Of course. Who doesn't get excited when you notice that there's trash inside the trash? I'm sure it's like finding a snail inside a shell.

The note read:

22 December 2018

Greetings from S/V Fathom This

We are off the coast of Martinique heading to Fort de France. We left St. Martin last week. If you happen across this bottle, may you have good fortune and let us know.

George and June Smith

Home Nantucket MA USA


Hill contacted George and June via email to let them know they found their garbage and thanked them for the exciting afternoon of beach combing memories.

They heard back from them on Monday.

"They live on their 40 ft. sailboat in the lower Caribbean from November to late May," Hill said. "They couldn't believe it was found. In all their 30 years of sailing, they have only thrown about 15 messages overboard. Before this two were found. One off the coast of North Carolina and one on Martha's Vineyard. They were traveling with a friend headed to Martinique to meet their daughter and family and thought it would be fun to send the message over."

Hill said that the Smiths even sent him some photos of the bottle being tossed into the sea.

Who are these people who keep littering the ocean with used up bottles? This is the way drug dealers should send us cocaine because it's obvious the Coast Guard can give a fiddlers fuche about stopping Yankees from trashing the ocean. Just saying.

If you were going to write a message in a bottle and toss it in Lake Belton or Stillhouse, what would it say? (Make it worth the bottle!)


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