Last November, a young lady by the name of Amanda Martinez allegedly went into a restaurant by the name of Sol de Jalisco at 4201 S. General Bruce Dr. in Temple, Texas and committed a terrible crime that truly angered not just a city, but an entire nation.

According to witnesses, Martinez went into this restaurant and complained about an order of soup that was too hot. She reportedly didn't like the response she got, and threw the hot soup in the employee's face.

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Video of the incident went viral overnight, and was the talk of Central Texas for weeks.

KCEN-TV reports that Martinez was offered a plea deal after being charged with assault causing bodily injury - a class A misdemeanor that's punishable by up to a year in jail and a fine of up to $4,000.

The deal offered her would have included probation, an $800 fine, and other unspecified conditions.

Martinez has rejected the offer, and will now be going to trial set to begin June 27 at 9 AM.


In my opinion, the video is pretty damning, and you have to wonder why she didn't take the plea deal. Everyone is innocent until proven guilty, so this will be an ongoing story we know all of Central Texas will be keeping an eye on.

In the mean time, just remember to be kind and patient with each other. There's no need to throw soup in the face of another human being. C'mon.


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