Congratulations are definitely in order to Temple, Texas' public library. Each year, the Texas Municipal Library Director Association gives an award to libraries that show consistent excellence in service to the community. Anyone who's lived or worked in Temple knows that this community takes a great deal of pride in its library, so this is just awesome.

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The TMLDA doesn't just hand these awards out like candy. They gauge libraries on 10 areas of services, including programs and services for under-served populations, supporting workforce development, and their summer reading programs. If you've ever enrolled your kids in any of the activities at the Temple Public Library, or if you've taken advantage of some of the programs yourself, you know how great they are and how much time and effort our local library staff devote to them.

Natalie McDaniels, Director of the Temple Public Library, had this to say:

It is an honor to receive this prestigious award. The Temple Public Library strives to be a hub of education, exploration, creativity and enrichment for the community, and it’s exciting for our programming and services to be recognized.

I think I speak for all of Temple when I say a sincere thank you to Director McDaniels and her staff for being truly committed to making sure that the library is everything our community needs. For so many people, visits to the library are crucial. In the case of our children, these visits foster a love for reading, storytelling, and community. Even for adults, having access to the internet while job searching or doing research can be a life saver.



Temple should definitely be proud of this honor. It shines a spotlight on a great fixture of our community, and it also serves to show how the support of the people of the city helps it achieve such excellence.

I cannot stress enough how a library can be a safe and comforting place for so many people. Personally, I love going to the library every other weekend and picking out a really good book to enjoy and invest my time. It's a form of meditation for some people, and we are truly thankful for the libraries that understand that.

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