I think I speak for everybody in Central Texas, and especially the people of Temple, when I say that we were on high alert when we heard that a 13-year-old girl had been reported missing around midnight last night (October 7).

The young lady by the name of Brooklyn Williams has last been seen at 4017 Mockingbird Ln. As a parent myself, I can only imagine the fear and anxiety that not only her parents were going through, but  the family as a whole. This was a super scary situation.

So, I'm so happy to report that the girl has been found and is safe. Actually, it's KCEN-TV here in Temple that broke the news. They didn't say specifically when she was found, just that it was Thursday morning.

Thank goodness!

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I think it’s very important that we keep an eye on our children. That's not to say that these parents weren’t being good guardians, it’s just once our children get to their preteens and teens, it is harder to keep an eye on them.

Even though Brooklyn was missing for that short period of time, for that family it probably felt like 1000 hours. I'm so relieved that she's ok.


What made me so nervous about this case in particular is that Temple PD had issued an endangered person advisory for the teen. With all the trafficking that happens along the I-35 corridor, your mind goes to the worst places, especially as a parent.




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