In 2021 the state of Texas and the legislature banned abortions after six weeks of pregnancy. If a woman didn’t realize after six weeks of intimacy that she was pregnant, she was told the only option was to give birth to the child.


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If a woman was raped and wasn’t aware of being pregnant she would still be responsible for the child. Although some Texans didn’t find this to be reasonable law is the law and we have to obey it. According to KXXV, there has been new data, revealing that for the first time in 15 years, the birth rate amongst teens in the great state of Texas has dramatically increased.


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For women from ages 15 through 44 years old have gone up 2% and pregnancies for teens alone have increased by .39% which is still very hard considering that a 15-year-old is a teenage child. Experts say that they’re not surprised that the rate of pregnancy has increased and that the state of Texas was listed with 45% of rape-related practices occurring in the state. In my opinion, any unexpected pregnancy is always extremely stressful but it's so important to have conversations with our young teens about sexual encounters to avoid the possibility of earlier motherhood. Texas has not spoken about changing the law when it comes to the 6-week pregnant law. Which means we have to do better when it comes to protecting our children and women.


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