Ted Cruz continues to disappoint. Cruz can claim that he was being "a good dad" by taking his daughters to Cancun, but he certainly isn't a good dog dad. Let me introduce you to Snowflake- the Cruz family pet.

Michael Hardy, a reporter for New York magazine’s Intelligencer, paid a visit to Cruz's house in Houston after news broke of Cruz's trip to Cancun, and spotted a white dog at the door.

Hardy does want to clarify that it's possible that Cruz had brought Snowflake or that a family member was taking care of the dog. However, that one image was all the world needed to determine that Ted Cruz is not a good pet owner.

Imagine, poor Snowflake being left behind in the cold and dark while the rest of the family jets off to warm and sunny Cancun? Of course, the internet had a lot to say!

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First, there was something to be said about the choice in name for the pup.

Some thought that Snowflake looked familiar.

With Snowflake being left home alone, many imagined what Snowflake was doing while the family was away.

After Heidi Cruz's group chat text messages leaked- people began to wonder- who is the leaker? Snowflake?

Some wondered if Snowflake would need representation?

The general consensus is that Ted Cruz is not a good dog owner.

The world is rallying and demanding justice for Snowflake!

In the end, all of us realize that Ted Cruz treats his dog the same way he treats his constituents.

Also, what does Snowflake have around their neck?

And here is what Snowflake looked like when Ted Cruz came back.

Justice for Snowflake!



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