Teachers in Waco are getting some extra cash to work during the upcoming school year.

COVID-19 is definitely a high concern for teachers, staff, and students this coming school year. Our partners at News 10 report the Waco Independent is giving teachers an annual $550 raise and a 1% increase for all other employee groups.

Waco ISD Superintendent Dr. Susan Kincannon says, "Although the pandemic has created a great deal of uncertainty about next year's budget, the board was clear that they wanted to recognize the hard work of our employees - especially during our present public health crisis."

With the raise, this puts starting salaries for teachers in the Waco school district at $49,100.

The district is looking at all options for students, including in-person and at-home learning.  This means some teachers will have to teach from campus and must follow all safety guidelines set up by the district.

According to News 10, Kincannon says they have enough teachers, but won't know how many will be assigned to the class rooms until parents and students decide on whether they want to learn online or in the classroom.

COVID-19 has everything up in the air, leaving us all not knowing how to navigate the times we're living in right now.  Teachers have always been heroes to me, and now they have to step up to a whole new level with this going on.  All teachers in all districts should get a raise.  I hope all of them along with other staff and students stay safe this upcoming school year. It's for sure going to be a challenge.

By the way, you can help make the new school year a little easier for students and teachers during our Stuff the Bus campaign. We're looking to once again fill an entire school bus with school supplies for Temple, Belton, and Killeen kids.

Items can be donated at the The Law office of Brett Pritchard in Killeen, Smile at World Orthodontics in Temple, and Pizza Hut locations in Killeen, Belton, and Temple. (You can leave donations with the drive-thru attendant at Pizza Hut or ask an employee about donating at the front door.)

If you're practicing physical distancing but still want to help, check out our Amazon Wish List based on local school district supply lists. Those items will ship to our studio, and we'll distribute them where they're needed most.

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