Monday is always a struggle to get back in to focus on your workweek, but we have to do it.

Here are a few things I want to talk about on Talk About It Tuesday.

First is the NCAA tournament. If you are playing the bracket game and your picks have all been right so far, you definitely know something we all don't you're just extremely lucky. This year's tournament has been absolutely insane, but that just means it's been really entertaining too (even if we're throwing snacks at the TV screen in a rage).

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Needless to say, my brackets and those of a lot of people are messed up right now.

And if your team is still playing right now, I wish them all the best and will be watching them in the finals along with you.

Next, I have been seeing posts about a gentleman name Derrick Jaxn, and I  decided to look him up this morning. Jaxn is a relationship coach who was recently exposed for cheating on his wife. Here is the video of his explanation of the allegations.

Jaxn made it clear that he broke his vows and did not live by his own or Biblical standards, and that he and his wife have had deep conversations about his history.

Whatever your thoughts on Jaxn's marriage, the situation is a reminder that we all need to think about whether we're treating our spouses or loved ones with the respect and dignity they deserve.

I have started my search for Birria Tacos. I ordered some from Tejas Birria in Buda, Texas, which is operated by the niece of the owner of Ashe's Cigar Lounge. They were good, but this is Texas and you've got to try a certain taco at several places before you make a final ruling, so  the quest will still go on. Since it is Taco Tuesday, I will try and get some today.

Lastly, our nation is one again mourning in the wake of a mass shooting, this time at a grocery store in Boulder, Colorado. My thoughts and prayers are with everyone that is affected by these tragic events, especially the families of the 10 people who lost their lives while doing something so routine as just picking up groceries.

I want to end with this reflection. On my way to the station this past Saturday, I drove by Panda Express and stopped to get a bite to eat. The message in the fortune cookie  read, "Your biggest fear will be your greatest strength."

Just remember that conquering what you fear is showing you are stronger than you think.

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