We are 18 days into spring, and this one of my favorite parts of the year because the weather is perfect despite the rain in April.

It talks about it Tuesday, so let us talk about it.

Rapper, DMX, was admitted into the hospital this past Friday of an alleged drug overdose in the latest news.

The doctors claim it is not looking good as DMX is still ICU unit; my thoughts and prayers are DMX and his family, I hope pulls through.

Elon Musk tweets about the urgent need for housing in Austin. He looks to fill hundreds of jobs for his Texas Gigafactory for Tesla. My wife raises the question, what about rent control? Because of the high demand, the price for houses and apartments is going up!

Ex-NBA star Paul Pierce has parted ways as Analyst with ESPN after he went live on Instagram playing poker at a house with strippers there.

I am diligent about making sure my car registration is up to date. When I heard the news that the grace period to renew is April 14th. I told my wife I'm pretty sure I renewed the registration on one of our cars but never received a renewal sticker.

I called the registered office and told them I'm pretty sure that I renewed and never received my sticker after a short investigation from the clerk. It showed I registered back in October of last year.

I figured with clerks working remotely due to the COVID-19 restrictions and the grace period going on; they weren't too worried about mailing the registration.





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