You definitely gotta be a real Texan to understand the car culture here and if you've been here long enough you know about "84's poking out", "Swanging N Bangin" and "slab" culture is huge all across the state with many of the cars we see showing of these rims featured in car shows.

With folks spending thousands of dollars to show off their rims, you already know that swanging is big business in Texas. But is it legal to roll around the city with your big shoes poking out on your ride? According to one Austin police officer, it depends on how FAR your rims are poking out. Check out this report from KVUE who asked the question.

Basically, if your "elbows" are poking out more than 12 inches on each side, you're ILLEGAL. While we're sure this won't deter you from swanging, at least you're now aware of the possible consequences. Don't want your slab to get stopped by these folks:


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