A man linked to 3 killings since Friday has been captured.

KWTX reports that Harris County authorities have captured a suspected serial killer.

The suspect, Jose Gilberto Rodriguez, is a registered sex offender on parole from a 28 year prison sentence. He was tagged as armed and dangerous Monday.

It is believed that he cut off his ankle monitor and went on a deadly crime spree. It allegedly started with a home invasion a week ago Monday. Then four days later his is believed to have killed a woman in Cypress and stolen her car.

That car (with Rodriguez at the wheel) was seen at the Willowbrook Mall on Saturday. That night, an employee at a Mattress Firm store was found dead. And yesterday the third victim was found dead inside a Mattress One store a few miles away.

Rodriguez was captured in a Harris County neighborhood while driving one of the victim's car Tuesday morning .

The question becomes...how did a guy like this get paroled in the first place? And what good was the ankle monitor if he could just casually cut it off?

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