I always say that "Karma" is a beautiful thing because it may never come when you want it to, but its always right on time. Karma made multiple stops last night in one location.

Last night at around 1:00 AM in Austin according to a report from KXAN, Austin Police pulled over a suspected drunk driver traveling south on MoPac near U.S. 183. Two APD patrol cars had the driver pulled over when (here comes Karma making stop #1) police say a suspected drunk driver HIT the police cars.

But the story doesn't end there. After the patrol cars were hit, an Austin-Travis County EMS ambulance came to assist at the scene when Karma made ANOTHER STOP. At 2:10 A.M. while EMS was helping on the scene a THIRD SUSPECTED DRUNK DRIVER HIT THE AMBULANCE sending two people to the hospital including the medic.

So if you're keeping score at home, that's Karma 3 - Drunk Drivers 0. Three people were arrested, and Driving While Intoxicated charges are pending according to the report.

Hey Austinites, ever heard of UBER?

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