22-year-old Brian Isaac Clyde was shot and killed by police officers Monday morning in Downtown Dallas after he reportedly opened fire at the Earle Cabell Federal Building.

Reportedly, he wore a mask, combat back gear, and glasses.

Not that you want to say it’s good in any instance that someone passed away, but police were able to take him down before he could injure anyone.

A photographer who works for the Dallas Morning News witnessed the shooter open fire across the street from the courthouse.

They also reported that officers detonated a suspicious device in the vehicle of the shooter.

Great news to hear that no other people got hurt.

The Dallas Morning News reports that Clyde is an Army veteran who was on active duty from August of 2015 to February of 2017, and that he'd recently posted to social media about receiving an outstanding student award from Del Mar College. Authorities were working to learn more about him Monday afternoon.

According to  KXAS-TV, investigators believe Clyde acted alone. However, they were asking anyone with potentially helpful information to contact them. Several federal agencies including the FBI and AFT were involved in Monday's investigation.

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