After a terrible breakup, there’s nothing better than a good cry. Well, that and an album that speaks to you while you cry your eyes out and ruin all your make-up on your pillow. Trust me I know from experience. If you're going through it right now, Summer Walker's got a new album out that'll help.

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This young Interscope and LVRN recording artist has been nothing but the talk around town. We have patiently waited for this album to drop since she released her debut in 2019 titled Over It. Summer Walker has left us all in suspense wondering when she would be dropping the next album. Well, worry no more ladies and gentlemen: Still Over It is out, and it is already getting the attention that is most definitely deserves.

LVRN, Interscope
LVRN, Interscope


What I like about this follow-up is that Summer Walker was completely transparent throughout the album. You can hear every hurt, every pain, in each song. I don’t necessarily have a favorite track just yet, but I can appreciate that native Bronx rapper Cardi B starting the album off just letting her friend know that everything is going to be okay, even though Summer was going through a tough relationship and a difficult break up with celebrity producer, London - the father of her child, Bubbles.

To give you an idea of what she's been dealing with, women outside of her relationship, including some of London's baby mommas, were also harassing her. Cardi B advises her not fight fire with fire, but instead put all the emotions she's feeling, all of the crying and anger, go into the art and the music. Cardi said that is what hurts people most when you outgrow the ignorance and nastiness they display, and I must say, that’s exactly what she did.

I’m been married for 12 years now, and listening to this album made me think of every breakup I’ve ever gone through. At one point, I was super angry. At another point, I felt myself ready to cry as well because of the album.

But, most importantly I felt relieved listening to the last couple of songs. You can definitely hear the growth in this album from her first one. I’m just one of those people who definitely believes that pain and hurt make for a great album, and Summer Walker did not disappoint!

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