Steve gave himself "the works" and did not recognize his own reflection in the mirror.

Today's show is dedicated to all the brothers and sisters locked away behind the walls.

God still loves you!

Steve answers questions about social distancing, jealousy, alimony and more.

Floyd Mayweather's daughter was released on bond in Houston.

COVID-19 cases in NYC have dropped while cases in New Orleans have doubled those numbers in New York.

Since we have been quarantined, the crew is asked what they are doing to pass the time.

In Sports Talk with Junior, we find out the latest with the NBA and what he thinks about the NFL Draft, plus more.

Fool #1 has a situation that we want opinions on.

An apology was issued to the Naval Captain that was fired for his concern over his crew.

Today in Closing Remarks, The CEO talks about a new norm and what good can come from this situation, plus more.


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