Last week we shared with you details about Spectrum Cable's expected rate hikes that are set to start in November and reaction was swift according to our comments on our Facebook page. We asked if were a Spectrum customer, How do you feel about these rate increases? Here are few of the comments:

Spectrum Comments 1

As a Spectrum customer myself, I'm just as upset about these price hikes as everyone else. If I'm not mistaken I'm already paying in excess of $200 a month for TV and Internet and I've been trying to figure out a way out of this madness. So I'll ask the same question as Robert did on our Facebook page:

Spectrum Comments 2

The options are slim because when I asked around, the cost comes out to about roughly the same no matter what you "mix and match". So what's working for you in terms of TV and internet? Some say "satellite" others suggest internet TV services like Sling or YouTubeTV but you still have to factor in the cost of finding an Internet Service Provider. I know a few of you will say "jailbroken firesticks" but its only a matter of time before these folks find out about that, so those aren't reliable.

Feel free to clapback with your answers below or comment on our Facebook Page and I'll share some of your recommendations on the air during Jammin On The Job!

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