Only 88.8% of Texas Households Have Internet Access

Back in 1997, under 20% of households in America had an Internet subscription. Fast forward 20 years later and that number has climbed to almost 80%

According to the Census Bureau, back in 2019 over 70% of households had broadband and less than 1% had dial-up. Interestingly, a cell phone with data is the only way 1 in 10 American households access the world wide web!

Your Race And Status Matter

Believe it or not, socio-economic status and race play a role in who has regular Internet access in Texas.

According to the report by, households with incomes that make over $75,000 or more are more likely to have the Internet, while households with lower incomes making less than $20,000 are less likely to have internet service.

The survey showed that African American, Indian American, and Alaska Native households are least likely to have internet access.

Internet Use is Regional

Regionally, the South tends to have lower rates of the Internet, while people on the West Coast have the highest rates. I know tons of people on the West Coast who order products or get concert and sport event tickets on their smartphone because home internet service is too costly.

Internet Usage in Texas

Here in Texas, 88% of households have some sort of Internet access, while 75% of households have a computer.

Meanwhile, almost 90% of Texans own a smart phone.

I think that's where you can find the void. More people use smartphones in Texas!

What's your preferred access point for Internet service? Do you rely on your phone's data, a broadband connection, or both?




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