The face of SpaceX and Tesla, Elon Musk, has confirmed that he's moved to the Lone Star State.

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After selling a number of his Los Angeles homes and making no secret of how upset he is with how California lawmakers have handled the COVID-19 pandemic, the billionaire confirmed to the Wall Street Journal this week that he now lives in Texas.

According to, Musk's SpaceX headquarters will remain in Hawthorne, California, while Tesla's will remain in Silicon Valley. The company's primary factory is currently in Fremont, California.

If you look at it kind of makes sense for him to move here, because a number of SpaceX and Tesla projects are here in Texas already, and cities like Austin Dallas and Houston are seeing growth in technology according to TechCrunch. Back in July, Musk even announced plans for a massive factory in Austin.

This isn't a surprise seeing as he filed a lawsuit against a California county after fighting with health officials on whether his factory in Fremont California could reopen while a California stay at home order was in effect

Guess that no state income tax played a part too, huh?

Welcome, Elon!

Now let me borrow a million, I'll pay you back on the 3rd.

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