A quick question for the ladies: Do you find yourself drinking MORE when a man is around? If the answer is "yes" science agrees with you!

According to an article in The Vancouver Sun, new research suggests that the mere scent of a man can cause women to drink more alcohol.

Women who thought they were participating in a consumer survey of men’s cologne drank more beer when they were exposed to cologne that, unbeknownst to them, had been scented with androstenone — a sex pheromone in boars. -The Vancouver Sun

Now fellas before you get super stank and hit the bar thinking this is going to help you, the researchers warn that deliberately sniffing scents in a lab might not mimic real world social settings, like a bar. So keep that bottle of "Sex Panther" at bay champ!

Also ladies, this might explain why you may get "flirty" after a few drinks because according to one of the researchers, Dr. Mark Goldman, of the University of South Florida, hypothesized that women exposed to a male scent would drink more “presumably because they viewed alcohol use as a pathway to sexual expression.”

So next time your girl disagrees that she doesn't act up after a few drinks just remind her that SCIENCE says otherwise!

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