The queen of comedy, everybody’s favorite auntie, Mo'Nique, is coming to Killeen's Twice as Funny Comedy Lounge, and it looks like the place is definitely going to be packed.

Here Ye, Here Ye

You have to literally be living under a rock if you don't know her. This talented woman will be making her way to Central Texas this weekend. I only say that you have to be living under a rock because we have literally blasted the information that she is coming to town since October!  I’m pretty confident when I say this that Killeen is not ready, but more than willing, to see the queen of comedy do her thing on the Twice as Funny stage.

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Monique/ Twice As Funny Comedy Lounge
Monique/ Twice As Funny Comedy Lounge

Make Way For The Queen

The reason why I’m saying that is because her shows are completely sold out. That’s right - there are no more tickets left and, to be honest, it was to be expected.

Of course, we know her from hit TV shows and beloved movies, but you really have to see her live on stage to really appreciate just how powerful a comedian she really is. I mean, this woman is a powerhouse to be reckoned with.

Courtesy of Twice as funny comedy lounge
Courtesy of Twice as funny comedy lounge

Nice Try!

I wasn’t surprised at all. I just found it so humorous that people were still trying to get tickets and trick managers at Twice as Funny. Some even went as far as impersonating Monique’s niece and telling the managers that they were on the list for the show.


Sold Out

If you did not get tickets for the Monique show, you truly missed out! There is a saying that goes, "Move your feet, lose your seat. To get ready, you have to stay ready". This was definitely one of those situations.

Monique is coming to Central Texas everyone, and she is ready to shut it down!

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