We all knew this was coming the snow storm 2021 but I thought it was gonna be the cute snow fall on January 10th when it snowed and went away the next day like it should in Texas.

On Thursday at the radio station it was chatter amongst my co-workers that this storm is getting bad and we should all leave so I finished up my work as fast as I could and made the drive back to Austin.

Around 8pm Thursday night the power went out at my house and myself and the family booked a room nearby since me wife works from home and we didn't want to try figure everything out with our 18 month old.

On our way to the hotel which approximately 2 miles from our home it took us forever to get there with the road closures and wrecks on the way. we finally settled in. We checked out the hotel the next day and luckily when we got home within minutes.

With the fear of the power going back out we looked at hotels and everything was booked or show unavailable. One hotel in south Austin was charging from $1000 to $500 a night to stay there that is ridiculous. As I scrolled through social media i seen where people were without power for days starting Sunday. to make it worse some even went without water.

My heart goes out to everyone that had to suffer through one the most bitter colds I have ever witnessed. Thanks to some our local leaders in the city that stepped up to help our fellow Austinites that was in need.

This is defiantly an historic event that we will talk about for a long time. Here are some photos I took while being stuck at home.


Big Ced Backyard Patio
Big Ced Patio
Big Ced Backyard
Big Ced Front yard