This weekend make good use of your time with the help of your slow cooker, and beer.

Growing up my folks would buy chuck roast a lot. I always stayed in the car when they went to the butcher shop, so I always wondered..."Who's Chuck? and Where does he get all these roasts?"

I was strange child, but luckily I turned into the most normal person you'll ever meet.

Speaking of meat. (see what I did there? Of course you did.) A nice Chuck Roast is what's called for in this slow cooker recipe. Once you get it, drop in the slow cooker.

Lather it up with some seasoning. The usual salt, pepper, granulated garlic, maybe some Mrs. Dash.

Line it with cloves of garlic for an extra bite. Some folks like onions. These are the same folks who talk with their hand over their mouth, but they eat well.

Feel free to add some Italian dressing. Because it's best to pretend that your making a salad. A salad of meat.

Now here's where you can really mess up an AA meeting with meat. Toss on a cup of beer. (Evil)

Pop the cover on and walk away for 6 hours.

Come back all tired from a productive day. Grab a couple forks and shred the hell out of the beef. Drain away all the juice and fat. Break out the buns and load them up. Slap on some cheese and toss them in the oven under the broiler for a few minutes. Pull and serve.


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