Getting the kids up and ready and out the door for school everyday is a chore many of us have to deal with and it can be pretty rough. A lot of us are still trying to shake out of our own morning comas to make it happen and it can lead to some laziness on our part as parents.

We've all heard the stories and seen them ourselves of parents strolling up to their kids school without a care in the world. Some still in pajamas, some still in clothes from last night's shenanigans and some that just really don't give a damn and wear clothes that are borderline "inappropriate" especially for children to see. Offensive t-shirts, bathrobes, we can go on and on.

That's why a Tennessee lawmaker is making headlines for a law he's proposing in his home state. Tennessee Democrat State Representative Antonio Parkinson is proposing a measure that would enforce a dress code on all parents in the state when visiting public schools according to The Hill. Parkinson points to the many horror stories he's heard from parents and school administrators alike about parents showing up to schools in an inappropriate manner.

“A principal I talked to told me a lady came into the office with her sleepwear on with some of her body parts hanging out. You got children coming down the hall in a line and they can possibly see this,” - Tenn. Rep. Antonio Parkinson

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