The kids are finally back in school ready to learn but are schools really teaching the IMPORTANT stuff kids need to know before they become adults?

One Central Texas school district believes that they have the solution according to CBS Austin with its "Adulting 101" class. Cedar Ridge High School which is located in the Round Rock ISD, will be teaching the course which will be focused on basic life skills such as cooking and finance and the district has plans to teach automotive repair skills in the near future.

Back in our day we used to call this kind of course "Home Economics" but the "Adulting 101" title sounds a lot better and more appealing.

While KISD already has a career center which focuses on more specific career paths, this "adulting 101" course could be something every high school in the district should consider in my opinion. Lots of us graduated from high school without knowledge of important adult things such as "credit" and basic automotive skills but instead got a ton of Algebra that you hardly use right now. Be honest.

Let us know what you think. Do you believe this is something Killeen schools should offer students?

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