Shaquille O’Neal is considered to be one of the greatest basketball players before he retired, but now he wants to be among the greatest when it comes to DJing.

When Shaq is not being a sports commentator, he DJs at various club events under the alias DJ Diesel. The veteran baller, who also had a successful career as a rapper, started DJing when he was 13 years old after attending a Public Enemy and LL Cool J concert.

While on a yacht in Miami for Swisher Sweets' kickoff to summer on June 21, to celebrate their seasonal blend, Summer Twist!, Shaq shared his inspiration to man the wheels of steel.

"I started DJing in ’87, 88," Shaq reveals. "I went to an LL Cool J, Public Enemy concert and I saw my favorite DJ, Terminator X... I wanted to be a DJ, I wanted to be a cop, I wanted to be a businessman... So I practiced everything."

Shaq sees DJing as his competition to be the best in the world.

"To me, DJing is my Game 7," he explains. "I always grew up on adrenaline. In 2011, when I was forced to retire I didn't have the adrenaline thing going. I went to a concert known as Tomorrow World, there was 500,000 people jumping up and down. So whenever I DJ, I just want them to jump up and down it gives me the feeling of a Game 7."

While the 47-year-old New Jersey native acknowledges that there are plenty of great DJs out there, he's working hard to be the biggest DJ in the world.

"I'm Shaq coming in the DJ world," he affirms. "But they need to know that I'm coming and that's it. It's all competition. It's not about being the best DJ, it's about having fun in the sport."

"So I'm glad that there are a lot of great DJs—Tiesto, Skrillex and all those guys. But they need to know that I'm coming," he concludes.

Look for Shaq (aka DJ Diesel) spinning at a club near you this summer.

Watch Shaq's (aka DJ Diesel) interview and the Summer Twist Yacht Party event recap below.

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