Shaquille O'Neal's collection of cars and trucks will be getting the spotlight in a new kids animated series titled Shaq's Garage. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the action-adventure show will depict Shaq's wide array of vehicles as colorful characters, with special skills such as "musical stylings, Shaq Fu and their mastery of the ultra-secret language of Shaqanese and the Shaqtionary."

O'Neal will voice the lead vehicle, named Big Diesel. He will also become an investor in global brand management company Genius Brands, who is co-executive producing the series alongside PRP and ABG Entertainment. Oh, and just a heads up — the animation style looks eerily similar to Pixar's Cars franchise.

"We plan to showcase the most amazing, tricked out assortment of vehicles that can only be found in my garage," O'Neal said in a statement. "They will all have larger than life personalities, larger than life missions and of course, larger than life sound systems... This will be a kid’s show which will highlight inclusivity for all."

Genius Brands chairman-CEO Andy Heyward voiced his excitement for Shaq's Garage to include diversity in its "purposeful storytelling." Said Heyward: "This is going to be a special show that touches every button–music, adventure, humor, and positive prideful messaging for kids."

Shaq's Garage won't be coming to Netflix, which has been working to beef up its animation department as of late. In fact, it won't arrive on any of the streaming giants. Rather, the series will debut on the free digital Kartoon Channel!which launched in June. While there's no specific release date yet, we can expect to see Shaq's Garage sometime in early 2022.

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