If you are a chicken franchise restaurant owned by Shaquille O'Neal that is known for the incredible size of its sandwiches and other food portions, it might make a ton of sense to open your first permanent location in the area next door to a Starbucks in Killeen, Texas. Not only do we know the exact location of the very first brick and mortar Big Chicken in Central Texas, we also know the wait to open will not be much longer.

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Why is opening next door to Starbucks in Killeen, Texas perfect for Big Chicken?

Well, Thanksgiving is still two weeks away, so maybe you have forgotten what happens when you eat a Texas sized dinner? Odds are you will get very sleepy especially after adding a milkshake to your meal, so a caffeine boost will almost be mandatory.

What exactly is Big Chicken that is opening soon in Killeen, Texas?

This really is very BIG news to be hitting Central Texas because right now the only Big Chicken location is inside the Moody Center, so therefore it is only open at limited times for special events. Overall this will be only the fourth brick and mortar inside the Lone Star State with Houston and Richmond, plus the soon to be Lubbock location.

According to KCEN News, the physical location in Killeen is right next door to Starbucks at 2100 Clear Creek Road, and will be open just after the new year in 2024. You can read more in this article.

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