So recently one of my friends was wondering if I was acting funny with her because I wasn't responding to her text messages. I explained to her that I was not receiving them. Then I got some not so happy phone calls from others saying they were trying to reach out too. Then I realized the culprit was my iPhone.

This morning I was getting dressed and I kept hearing this 'ding'. I sound figured out that it was my iPad. When I opened it to see what was really going on, I noticed texted messages from all of my friends that own an iPhone like myself. I was like, ok so why are the messages showing up here and not on my phone? Then this little box appears telling me that my storage was almost full.  Ok, so now I am going to have to go to the MAC store or Sprint for my own Social Media Trend of The Day.

Or if anyone can help me out with this, send me an email...please and thank you. Happy Thursday and that's your Social Media Trend for The Day!

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