There are a couple of things you just don’t mess with when you come to the great state of Texas. You don’t mess with the Dallas Cowboys, you definitely don’t talk about our barbecue, and last but not least understand that Selena Quintanilla Perez has been and will always be known as the queen of Tejano.


I don’t care if you’re Hispanic, black, white, or polka dot - Texans love Selena. People come from all places around the world to check out Selena's museum located in Corpus Christi just to feel her presence and remember her remarkable accomplishments.

According to MySA, there is this amazing Texas artist known as the Piñata Man who is receiving a lot of attention for one of his masterpieces dedicated to Selena. The artist has made a 12-foot-tall Dia de Los Martos-looking Selena piece and it is absolutely gorgeous!

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The artist's actual name is Alfonso Hernandez, and he built this spectacular creation for Mundo Latino at the State Fair of Texas.

When you see the actual piece, it is the iconic purple outfit she wore while performing at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo at the Astrodome in 1995. I can literally remember that like it was yesterday.

A lot of out-of-staters think that Selena's impact was only on Tejano music, but she was also a cross-over artist who really touched music lovers of all nationalities, especially the great people of Texas.

The details in this masterpiece are just so outstanding that it leaves your mouth wide open. Hernandez turns this project into a family affair where his daughter also is an aspiring artist and helps her father assist with the framework. I feel if Selena was here, she would be impressed and proud!


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