Kids can send letters to Santa from Killen, Texas. As far back as I can remember, my brothers and I wrote our letters to Santa every year. It became quite the tradition that has now been passed down to our own kids. So, I was excited to hear that it's a whole thing here.

Santa's Magic Mailbox

The City of Killeen Recreational Services will start collecting letters from the children of Killeen - Fort Hood, to send off to Santa to get before Christmas. Santa has placed a magical mailbox up at the recreation center to receive all of the letters from the kiddos. Kids, Santa wants you to get creative with the letters this year. He wants to hear all about the year you have had. He also of course wants your Christmas list. He has to know all of things you're wanting. Do you think you will get everything on your list?

Naughty Or Nice

Kids can drop their letters off to Santa at the Family Recreation Center. Letters will be received from Nov. 21, through Dec. 12. The drop-off times are:

  • Monday - Friday 5am - 8pm
  • Saturday - 7am -  8pm
  • Sunday - 12pm - 6pm
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Spread The Holiday Cheer

Parents, get a picture of your kids dropping their letters off and putting it in Santa's magical mailbox. Download our free app here. Send us your photos, and we will highlight them on our Facebook page throughout the holiday season. Maybe we will even pick a few, and include them on our website too. K-Lew out!

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