Welcome Cowboys and Cowgirls to the great state of Texas, where the Dallas Cowboys break our hearts, BBQ is a must in your diet, HEB is known as the go-to store, and most importantly, cowboy culture reigns supreme. There are a lot of stereotypes when talking about people from Texas, like we all just ride horses everywhere. Even though that sounds extremely cool, that’s very false.

That said, we are a people steeped in the history and traditions of cattle trails, rodeos, and all things country. Now one city has been named the "most cowboy" place in our state.

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One stereotype that is about Texas is that we have a lot of cowboys in the great state, and I can tell you proudly that statement is very true. According to Travel Texas, there is a city here in Texas that is described as being the most cowboy.

Bandera, Texas is a quaint town with a population of 839 people. The city sits in Bandera County in the Texas Hill Country, which is also a part of the Edwards Plateau.


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This small town has become known as the cowboy capital of the world. I’ve only been to this town personally once or twice as a young girl, and I can remember being with my father and seeing nothing but cowboys and cowgirls.

This city is filled with friendly faces, Southern hospitality, and most importantly, cowboys! If you’re looking for a town in Texas that will give you a real cowboy experience, Bandera Texas is exactly where you need to be.

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