Of course we're still talking about the recent news of Spectrum's rate hikes and as a Spectrum customer, I've already expressed how much I dislike the idea of paying more for cable and internet services like many of you have expressed on our Facebook page.

Whenever I find myself needing some help trying to figure out how to save money on tech and still get the most bang for buck, there's only one person I call: Dookie The Tech Homie.

My man has been doing YouTube reviews for tech products and items for awhile not I know for a fact that he has cut the cord from the cable companies so when the news of the Spectrum price hike hit, I made sure to call him up and bring him by the MyKiss1031 studio in Temple to share some of his ideas on how YOU can save some money if you're choosing to cut the cord and still be able to not miss any of your favorite shows and events.

There's plenty of options out there (Sling, YouTubeTV, Firesticks) so Dookie joined me on Facebook Live during the Mandatory Meeting to talk about what you can do! If you have additional questions, you can reach out to him on Twitter, Facebook (DVZN Media) or Instagram.

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