A Longview, TX Woman shared an act of kindness she experienced from a complete stranger at an area business.

In a world that often seems so rife with hatred, these kinds of tales remind us that there is so much good, love, and beauty in the world. And this act of kindness from a complete stranger showed this East Texas woman of that very truth.

A young woman named Amy Michelle posted the story and her subsequent gratitude on a local social media group page. She'd driven her 2003 Honda Civic up to Kyle's Kwik Stop in Longview. Her gas light had been on all throughout the day, so it was definitely time to fill up. She said, typically, she can fill up her vehicle for $20. And though she only had $10 left to spend on fuel until she was paid again, she assumed that would get her a half-tank.

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Amy shared her stress levels were already high and THIS was the final straw. She said she simply broke down from all of the stress and was crying. (Haven't we all been there at one time or another?)

And it was at THAT moment of emotional breakdown that Amy said she was approached by a "sweet older man" who tapped on her window and asked if she was OK.

She responded that she was, in fact, OK. However, she told him:

"Yes sir, just very frustrated at where we are in this country. Good working people just can't seem to make it up this hill."

Amy went on to share that upon hearing what she had to say, the man turned to go to his truck. She thought he might be about to leave, but no. He turned back to her and handed her a $20 bill and told her:

"This may not be much, but I'd like for you to take this and know that everything's gonna be OK because God is in control and He loves you."

Amy shared publicly how much this kindness from a complete "stranger" meant to her in a moment of emotional turmoil.

In response, her post touched almost 2,500 people in the Longview, Texas area who shared this love for the kindness, offered support and some even offered to help her in other ways, too. In fact, Amy was so overwhelmed by the kind support she received on her post, she posted again TODAY thanking everyone. She said it left her speechless.

Even in the midst of hardship and turmoil, East Texas people look out for one another.

Thank you so much for sharing this hope-giving story with us all, Amy Michelle of Longview, Texas. I wonder if that man who reached out to you realizes how much of a blessing he was to you...and to everyone else who was touched by the story you shared.

Kindness matters.

Have you experienced an act of kindness from fellow East Texans that you'd like to share with us? If so, shoot me an email: tara.holley@townsquaremedia.com.

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