There's currently a scam being worked in our area involving Publishers Clearing House. 

We've all had the dream. A big check with our name on it, and the ability to never have to work again. Would you question it?

According to KWTX TV10, people in Central Texas are receiving phone calls from a person claiming to be from Publishers Clearing House. They say the caller has won a million dollars, and all they need is their bank account number so they can deposit the money.

David Woodward of Waco, who's a banker, got the call, at 5:30 in the morning this past Wednesday. He said he's seen a lot of fraud in his job and he wasn't falling for it.

It seems bogus claims of PCH prizes are among the top scams reported by the Better Business Bureau. PCH even has a special section on it's website devoted to fraud protections.

According to PCH, there major winners are announced by mail, or in person, and they never phone ahead.

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