Being a parent of a Killeen child myself, I can tell you that the crowded classes, the mask options, and just the pandemic as a whole have been nerve wrecking every day.

We have to pray as hard as we can to make sure that our babies are not only safe from normal adolescent childlike things such as jeering and bullying from peers, but also the effects of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Parents have got to come together as a unit to see if something can be done about the classroom safety and health issues caused by the pandemic.


Courtesy of Herbert Sims

You may have seen people outside KISD headquarters lately holding signs. Well, this is the issue they were trying to bring attention to!


The group of angry and concerned parents are pretty much saying everything that we’re thinking - that classrooms are too crowded, and that KISD may be prioritizing the wrong issues when they should be focused on health concerns.

As a fellow parent, I share their concerns and feel the real matter at hand and question is how do we attack problems such as the impact crowded classrooms and anxiety about the virus, and what solutions can we parents help come up with to make sure the well being of our babies is the main priority?

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Courtesy of Herbert Sims


Parents are also worried that classroom overcrowding is negatively impacting the quality of student education, that students aren't being allowed enough time to eat a nutritious lunch, and that some areas where fights commonly break out, such as restrooms, aren't being properly checked or monitored.


While listening to these young ladies speak, you can hear the genuine concern and passion in their voice. They're worried about what's happening in our schools and open to any sensible solutions that could ease classroom crowding and create a safer environment for students.


No one likes feeling like they’re being ignored, or that their child’s wellbeing might be jeopardized.. Again, these parents have come together to make sure that the safety of our babies is a top priority and to discuss ways to communicate the concerns of all parents in Central Texas.

I definitely commend these women and men for trying to make sure KISD is a better place for our children to receive an education, and one with their wellbeing top of mind.

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