You've most likely stated that you could live without technology, but could you really do without for a full 24 hours?

According to an article from Reviews, they're looking to challenge someone to "digitally detox" for 24 hours, and in exchange they'll award you $2,400.

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As an added bonus, they'll even give you an Amazon gift card for approximately $200 to stock up on things to keep you busy throughout the day.  You can pick whatever you want for your tech-less 24-hour survival kit like books, puzzles, crafts, and more all to keep you entertained and too preoccupied to miss your digital devices.

The site will also provide a safe so that you're not tempted to break your detox vow.

You must be willing to  disconnect from all personal technology (emergencies excluded) for 24 hours. That means:

  • No cell phone
  • No television
  • No gaming consoles/handheld gaming devices
  • No computers/laptops
  • No smartwatches or wearable tech
  • No smart home devices (smart speakers, smart vacuums, etc.)

Now, if this still seems too easy then consider this. The site will ask you to be accountable, give some feedback on your experience, and review your tech-less 24-hour survival kit.

After the challenge, you’ll submit screen time reports to prove that you truly went a full 24 hours without your tech.

Applications are being accepted now for those 18 and older. The closing date for entry will be March 26th at 5:00 PM MST. After this date, no further applications to the Digital Detox Challenge will be permitted.

So if you consider yourself addicted to technology, and want to earn some extra money then apply here.

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