While it's been hard to get your hands on Lysol and other products that have been approved to kill the coronavirus on hard surfaces, the EPA has approved a cleaner that you may already have in your cabinet.

According to CNN, Pine-Sol's Original Cleaner has been approved by the EPA as a product that can kill the coronavirus on surfaces. Now before you start spraying Pine-Sol on everything, there is an added step that you are asked to take.

To disinfect against coronavirus, the company said customers should apply full-strength Pine-Sol with a clean sponge or cloth on a surface, wait 10 minutes, then rinse. For heavily soiled surfaces, the company said precleaning to remove excess dirt first is required. - via CNN

The Clorox Company, the maker of Pine-Sol and the world's largest manufacturer of disinfectant materials, has 36 other products on the EPA's list of disinfectants for use against Covid-19, including Clorox bleach, disinfecting bathroom cleaner, and disinfecting wipes. But due to overwhelming demand, the company says that wipes and other products would continue to experience a shortage into next year.


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