Hats off to Pharrell Williams for a family-friendly performance of 'Happy' at the 86th Academy Awards ceremony. I was happy that I did not have to cover my daughter's eyes and they could actually sing alone with the theme song to one of their favorite movies, 'Despicable Me 2.'

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Pharrell arrived at the Oscars with his lovely and very 'Happy' wife Helen. The duo both wore tuxedos. Pharrell wearing shorts and Helen in long pants. Always a trendsetter, this time he did not have on the signature 'Happy' hat. He actually saved it for his performance.

This time the hat was black, because the brown hat was auctioned on eBay. Fast food chain Arby's bought the hat for a reported $44,100. Yesterday, Pharrell sent a tweet out thanking the person who bought the hat and announced that the money would be donated to 'From One Hand To Another.'

Arby's responded with a tweet stating that they were happy to support the cause and get their hat back.

Check out Pharrell's performance of 'Happy' at last night's 86th Academy Awards Ceremony.