Having grown up down south, I've always been amused by my East Coast friends and their affinity for bagels. They swear there's nothing like them in the world, but I'm always underwhelmed because to me, its still just a donut. In fact, I'm LITERALLY like Ice-T, who blew the internet up when he tweeted that he's never had a "coffee and a bagel". Here's him trying it out for the first time.

Well, thanks to Panera Bread, we all can get our hands on bagels everyday for the rest of 2018. According to Thrillist, Panera Bread announced that if you sign up for its Free "MyPanera Rewards" program, they will hand you a free bagel everyday for the rest of 2018 but of course there are a few catches.

  • Offer only available to NEW members. If you're already a member you're out of luck.
  • Only available in-store. You gotta go inside to get your bagel.
  • Offer "excludes cream cheese and other spreads", so you'll have to pay or bring your own.

So maybe now I'll give this "coffee and bagels" think a try after all. We'll see. You can find a Panera Bread location in Killeen and Temple.

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