Austin and the surrounding areas are on edge as police continue to warn residents to be vigilant as another package bomb exploded in southwest Austin Sunday night injuring 2 men.

According to KWTX News 10, two males in their 20s were injured and transported to South Austin Medical Clinic with serious but not life-threatening injuries after a package exploded while they were riding or walking their bicycles through a neighborhood in southwestern Austin.

Authorities say the device that detonated Sunday featured a tripwire and was left near a road, while the prior bombings involved packages left on people's doorsteps. Those earlier blasts killed two people and injured two others and happened in other parts of the city.

Police are now asking residents for any surveillance video they may have in the areas of these blasts to submit it to police to help in the investigation. In the meantime, residents are urged to call 911 if you see a package that looks suspicious or if you receive a package you didn't order, DO NOT open it and call police immediately.

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