Not all goodbyes are bad sometimes they just see you later. Carolyn Brown, owner and operator of the Harker Heights E Center is saying her farewell to to the city of Harker Heights, after 10 years of remarkable and memorable events. Carolyn Brown has been a staple in Central Texas since before I left middle school, she is one of the most well-rounded and respected individuals here in the great state, and her work has always been respected.

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Courtesy of Facebook
Courtesy of Facebook

When I first got the news that Carolyn Brown would be leaving Harker Heights, I have to admit I was extremely devastated, she’s always been a part of the community and a voice for many black-owned businesses here in Central, Texas. At first, I thought to myself that her absence would truly be missed and it was absolute devastation that she would be leaving until I had another conversation with the mega entrepreneur and she explained to me that, even though it was farewell to Harker Heights, it was welcome back to the city of Killeen.



If you are from the city of Killeen, you remember Obsession by Carolyn’s which was one of the well-known salons in the city. Even though Carolyn has put down her curlers and picked up her event hat, we’re just happy to see her back. Farewells are always hard and welcome backs are always exciting we cannot wait for you Carolyn Brown to give the city of Killeen all the events Harker Heights was lucky to have. Welcome back to the city of Killeen OG Carolyn Brown!

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