One of the most under-appreciated heroes in our society is that of a teacher. Underpaid? Check. Overworked? Check. Plays a vital role for our children? You betcha. So to commemorate the end of another school year, Townsquare Media is excited to announce Harker Heights Elementary School teacher Shawnette Simmons as our Hometown Hero.

Born on Fort Hood, Ms. Simmons has been teaching Kindergarten for 9 years and doesn't intend to stop anytime soon. Her motivation is driven by the success she witnesses with her students.

"I love teaching Kindergarten," she explained. "The kids are so eager to learn new things and experience new things."

While some students and experiences will test the patience of a teacher, Simmons and her Harker Heights colleague and best friend, Brandi Ackerman, teach because lives are changed everyday in the classroom.

"We have cried happy tears for kiddos and have shared tears that broke our hearts together for some kiddos," said Ackerman who had wonderful things to say about our Hometown Hero.

"Shawnette is not just a teacher to children, but to her peers as well," wrote Ackerman in her nomination. "Even on the worst of days, Shawnette can be seen smiling and hugging her kiddos and telling them she can't wait to see them the next day."

That takes heart in this business because it is tough in the classroom at times!


Teleperformance and Townsquare Media are proud to recognize this woman as a Hometown Hero and present her with the Hometown Hero certificate of appreciation and a $50 gift card to Pignetti’s Italian Restaurant.

If you would like to nominate someone to be recognized for their selfless efforts, click the button above and God Bless.

Townsquare Media acknowledges a Hometown Hero every 1st and 15th of the month.

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