Today I was in Temple, Texas on my lunch break when I heard something that I felt to be extremely disturbing and rude.


I was in line waiting to put in my lunch order and couldn't help overhearing a conversation between two other customers. A young lady felt like someone was standing too close to her, so she asked the person to back up a little and give her some space. She also mentioned being concerned about coronavirus.

Here's what really bothered me: The other person not only refused to give her the space any person should be given as a common courtesy anyway, but also started mocking her for even taking the possibility of someone spreading coronavirus seriously. They then started lecturing her about he pandemic being over and COVID-19 being gone.



First of all, no, COVID-19 hasn't just magically disappeared. There are still active cases out there, even in Bell County. Plenty of people have gotten vaccinated and mask mandates have largely disappeared, but if someone is still trying to protect themselves while out in public, it's not your job to lecture them or invade their space to prove some point. They may have a health condition that makes them vulnerable to the worst symptoms of COVID-19, or they may care for a relative who's vulnerable.

Second of all, pandemic or not, if someone politely asks you to give them some personal space in public, you don't have to be a jerk. Everyone is entitled to dignity and enough space not to have to feel your hot breath on their neck while they're just waiting in line for lunch.

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Whether you're still masking or not, I would urge everyone to make sure that they are still practicing some form of social distancing and washing their hands thoroughly.

Coronavirus is real and no joke. I’ve had it, and it is the scariest feeling I’ve ever experienced in my life. Although some symptoms of coronavirus are milder than others, if you had anything like me you were scared to sleep at night because you didn't know whether or not you were going to wake up the next morning. I was very weak and I could not eat anything. It literally hurt me to even close my eyes.

Stay safe out there in Central Texas and remember to be courteous and decent to others.

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