The first day of summer is definitely here in the great state of Texas and we can definitely see that. You cannot prepare for the heat in Texas, especially in Central Texas. The early mornings here in the great state could start off at 80° and by 7 PM later that evening you could see warnings for tornadoes.

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Lately Central, Texas has witnessed three-digit numbers when it comes to the temperature in Texas, which means it really is hotter than a Texas summer night here. Staying safe and hydrated during these times is so important for Texans across the state. I do see a lot of people thinking that it’s no big deal not to drink their water, or even stay indoors as much as possible, but the reality of it is it in Texas, if it’s hot enough to fry an egg, then it’s hot enough to cause serious damages to anyone. This open letter is just a stress to Texans all over the state to please be mindful of the fact that summer times in Texas are definitely not for the weak and more than likely it’s just gonna get a lot hotter very soon.


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For the Texans who have pets and think it’s okay to leave them outside in this heat this weather, I’m telling you now, it’s a definite no. You could cause real harm to your pets. We want everyone to make sure that they enjoy their summer, but let’s make sure we do it the smartest way we know how, like staying indoors if possible, staying hydrated by drinking plenty of water, and keeping our eyes on the weather channel to know updates on exactly what the temperature will be. Happy first day of summer in Central Texas, it’s only the beginning.

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