Singing "I'm living the single, single,!" in my Cameo voice. I think this is the first time that I have really been open to date in my life. Friends and even my mom have encouraged me to date more than one person and to stop committing myself to one person right away. That's the best advice they have given me.

So, I have a few profiles on dating sites, which I said last week, I think is a joke. Those are hook up sites and I am not interested in that. What has been interesting to me is the number of inbox messages I get on FB requesting that I call or asking if they can take me out. So really, I don't need the online dating sites because you can do that on social media now.

I am such a traditional person, that this new way of meeting people is not really working for me. At this point, I am beginning to think that I am not even interested, because anyone who knows me, knows that work is the only boyfriend that I have and will go through the fire to make sure that I have and keep in my life.

However, I am going to continue to follow the advice of my loved ones and this week I might even venture out and try another dating site. A free one, just to get a laugh or two.

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