I know that we are all excited in Killeen, Texas about the Central Texas Exposition Carnival coming back to the city. Everyone was looking forward to a great time this weekend, especially since it's almost Halloween.

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Unfortunately, the carnival is temporarily canceled due to weather conditions. Yesterday, The Weather Channel was forecasting a 100% chance of rain in Killeen, Texas. You know the saying?  In Central Texas, if you don’t like the weather, just wait a couple of seconds.



It could be 90° outside, then two days later you could literally need a thick jacket and hot cocoa to make it through the day. Don’t put up those funnel cake fryers just yet, Central Texas Exposition Carnival! We’re just waiting on the weather to get a little better. Stay safe this week in Central Texas!

Here is the schedule for the Carnival and if you have any questions here is a contact number:

The Central Texas Exposition will be at the Killeen Special Events Center from October 27 through November 5.
✔️ $2 gate fee
✔️ $25 wristbands Mon-Thu, $30 Fri-Sun
✔️ Questions? Contact Bear Jones at (254) 681-3357
Come on out for the carnival!
Do not forget to listen from 12-3 for your chance to win tickets and tap the app for details.

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